To the Max

I’ve been seriously obsessing over the maxi dresses that greet you in every store you walk into these days. Relaxed and flowy, they just seem so comfortable and give off a no fuss bohemian vibe–plus they look like they’d be perfect to hide my post-baby belly bulge until I can get rid of it…

Forever21 :: Forever21

BCBGeneration :: Express

Michael Kors :: Old Navy

J Crew :: Victoria’s Secret

At first I was afraid of the length and automatically thought I’d look like I was wearing a big ol’ muumuu. But the more I think about it, the more I want to try one on.

It’s not the length that will get you (although if you’re especially petite you should get one that reaches the floor. Any higher and it will cut your leg off, making you seem shorter), it’s the shape.

As you can see from the collection above, maxi dresses come in tons of different shapes. You have to find the one that fits your body type best. If you’re curvy, don’t buy something shapeless. If you’re hiding your belly like me, avoid anything to clingy at the waist. In general, you don’t want a maxi dress that’s got too much volume because it will just make you look heavy.

These super laid back dresses have the potential to be your go-to dress all summer, since they’re perfect for just about anything you might do. Heading to a BBQ? The beach? Brunch with the girls? This dress won’t be out of place for any of those outings.

The more I think about it, the better a maxi dress sounds. I’m thinking I’m gonna try on a few of summer’s “It” dress the next chance I get. Are you with me?



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2 responses to “To the Max

  1. Aimee OBrien

    love them, especially the jcrew ones!

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