I’m completely obsessed with this whole sailor look that’s popular right now. OK, so maybe I don’t mean sailor. It’s the nautical trend that’s always so good for summer that has captured my heart.

Whenever you find yourself drawn to a trend like this, you should step back and figure out what it is that’s attracting you to it. If you can pull that out of your suddenly ravenous desire to purchase all things even semi-related to a particular trend, you can find pieces that you may actually wear once the fad fades.For me, it’s knots and stripes.

I like the texture of knots. It adds a lot of visual interest, making it perfect to use an accessory.

As for stripes, if I see them, I need them! They’re classic and versatile and give a slight nod to the French, which I’m always attracted to.

Now that I know that these are the aspects of the nautical trend I’m attracted to, I can look for pieces that reflect that. This means I can probably forget about the high-waist navy pants with hold buttons and the little sailor tops.

Instead, I’ll go for simple, classic pieces that will have a bit more staying power…


1 Mystic Knotwork :: 2 Tea Accessories
3 BROOKLYNrehab :: 4 American Eagle


1 Mackenzie Mode :: 2 Bayan Hippo :: 3 Bath Style :: 4 Lands’ End

Striped Shoes

1 Roxy :: 2 Blowfish :: 3 Dorothy Perkins :: 4 Kate Spade



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6 responses to “Ahoy!

  1. I love it sooooooooo much!!
    Thank you!!

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  3. Whoa, that Mackenzie Mode dress is too darling!

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