Ode to the Sundress

This weekend was one of those brutally hot, stiflingly humid weekends here in New York. There was no point in trying to tame the frizz or combat the sweat. You just had to embrace it!

This type of weather always makes me want to break out the sundresses. Light, airy and always pretty, they make it much easier to feel good when the air feels impossibly heavy and the sun is beating down on you relentlessly.

So in celebration of the start of summer, I’ve put together a little rainbow-colored ode to the sundress…

1 vintage Toni Todd via Hot Vintage :: 2 Mossimo :: 3 vintage Ui-Maikai via Mystery Mister :: 4 Jessica Simpson :: 5 Green oOlives :: 6 AGB :: 7 Tortillagirl Clothing and Accessories :: 8 Mall 24/7 9::  Alternative


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One response to “Ode to the Sundress

  1. Great collection. Thank you for including us.
    -Mystery Mister

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