Heat– a (1) : a condition of being hot : warmth (2) : a marked or notable degree of hotness b : pathological excessive bodily temperature c : a hot place or situation

I’m not going to complain. All I’ll say is that New York is a hot, sticky sauna today.

When your hair is sticking to your face and there are pools of  sweat in areas you’d rather not talk about in mixed company, you may feel like running for the hills (or at least to the nearest place with central air).

vintage Hawaiian hand fan via In My Igloo

But you know what I say? Embrace the heat!

You know that old saying, “if you can’t beat ’em, join em”? Well that idea holds true here. Whining about the oppressive heat and humidity will only make you (and everyone around you) more miserable.

Instead, go out and do things you can only do when it’s this hot out. Stick your toes in the kiddie pool. Eat an extra popsicle (you know, to help you cool down. Not because they’re so delicious. Of course not). Hell, it’s the perfect time to see if  you’d like bikram yoga without having to pay for a class.

Plus, steamy weather is the perfect chance to show off your light and airy summer wardrobe.

And if you haven’t treated yourself to anything summery just yet, take a peek at the pieces below. Maybe you’ll find something that strikes your fancy…

1 :: 2

1 :: 2

1 :: 2

heat wave



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5 responses to “Word

  1. Thank you! What a great blog you have here! I’m choosing to live at the pool to beat the heat …<3

  2. Lovely thank you 🙂

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