Wednesday’s Word


adj \ˈbrē-zē\

1: swept by breezes <breezy beaches> <a breezy day>

2a : briskly informal <a breezy essay> b : airy, nonchalant <breezy indifference>

(via Merriam-Webster)

The Spring Breeze wall decal by Elmo Studio

"Summer Breeze" by Stephmel

Sapphire Breeze earrings by By Jodi

Breezy Dress in kimono print by Quiksilver

"Breezy" by Sherri Conley

"Blades of Grass" by SLGdesigns

Anita clutch by Poppy Punch



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6 responses to “Wednesday’s Word

  1. Love your word for the day and really great finds! Thank you for including my earrings!!

  2. I love the summer mood in this set. Thank you so much for including my photo!

  3. ahh! thank you! I went to see what your creations looked like and only saw favorites :(. do you have a web site??

    • Jen

      i’ve been slacking in the jewelry making department!

      things have been a little busy with a new baby and other stuff going on, but we’re settling into a summer vacation schedule and my five year old has been sitting down and making jewelry with me. i’m hoping to have a new shop launched by the end of the month!

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