DIY Junk Mail Stationery

So you all know at this point what a big repurposing nerd I am, right? Eco-friendly + cheap = perfection in my book. Well, I came across this video on Poppytalk this afternoon and I absolutely had to share.

As part of the Unconsumption Artist Series (where artists were selected to repurpose things using the Unconsumption logo), Yellow Owl Workshop created this super simple video tutorial that shows you how to make stationery out of all of that annoying junk mail that fills your mailbox everyday.

I don’t know about you, but I’m amazed at the amount of junk mail I get even though I request to get things digitally whenever I can. This is a great way to reuse it, save money, and have super cool personal stationery. Love it!!!

Junk Mail Stationery from Yellow Owl Workshop on Vimeo (via Poppytalk)

Check out Uncunsumption for some other amazing repurposing tutorials (I might have to make some glass bottle vases with all of those mason jars I have lying around…).


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