Recap: Project Runway S9, E1

Since I have a little bit of a Project Runway obsession, I thought it would only be appropriate to give a recap of sorts after each glorious 90 minute episode–not a play-by-play as much as my favorite and least favorite pieces. Still, if you haven’t caught up on your DVR yet, I wouldn’t read any further!

So for the first episode, Tim Gunn (love him!) woke up the designers at 5am, dragged them to the design studio and told them they had to create something fabulous out of their pajamas and a bed sheet.


via myLifetime

My favorite design happened to be the challenge winner. Bert (who worked in the fashion industry in the 70s until both his partner and best friend died of AIDS and he went into a downward spiral) made this cute dress from his boxers (kinda gross, I know), his t-shirt and a hand-dyed sheet.

Aside from the model’s kind of horrific hair styling, I love this look. The different tones of gray, the little bow and the pop of orange are all great details that work well together! Even better, it’s the kind of piece that can easily be dressed up or down.


via myLifetime

My least favorite look wasn’t from the designer who got cut. Instead, I thought Joshua’s (a Mormon ex-banker who was in the bottom two) ill-fitting shorts, plain tank and weird super-cropped hoodie was the worst. In fact, the only part about it that I liked were the nude platforms!

What do you think? Do you have any favorite or least favorite designers yet? Who do you think will cause the most drama?


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