Recap: Project Runway S9, E2

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*if you haven’t caught up on your DVR, don’t read any further!


This week was the always interesting “wacky” challenge.

The designers met Tim Gunn at a pet store and were told they had to create a look using solely materials they bought inside (they could, however, use muslin as a base). They were also discouraged from using a lot of fabric (like dog beds) since the judges don’t take too kindly to it in the unconventional challenges.

So what did we see? Lots of wee-wee pads (Bryce’s baby blue pompom was the worst, while Viktor’s purple dress was actually pretty) and hamster bedding. There was also Becky’s technicolor piñata dress (shown here).

OK, so let’s get to it.

Best Dress

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My favorite look was Anthony’s birdseed dress. Yes, Nina was right. It’s definitely too short. But I love the fact that you would never know it was made with birdseed if you didn’t watch the show. I also really like what he did with the collar, which fits in with all of the bohemian warrior looks that are on trend right now. And I love that little keyhole in the back. So pretty!

Worst Dress

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Bert totally phoned in his look because he had immunity. He was downright bratty while complaining about the challenge (dude, if you try out for Project Runway you know you’re going to have at least one challenge like this one. Suck it up), bitching about not wanting to create a look like a clown.

Well guess what, Bert? Your model looked like a clown!

There was nothing pretty or remotely fashionable about this look. In fact, my five-year old has put together better looks from the mess of tulle and glitter in her dress up box.

Totally disappointing, especially considering he was my favorite last week. Let’s hope he rebounds!



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4 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E2

  1. My fave show of all-time. I have a hard time evaluating the dresses from home bc I sense they look different in person under the lights. I saw some of the dresses from an earlier season at Rock Center and they looked nothing like they do on t.v. Anyway, I too liked the bird seed dress. I also liked Anya’s top made out of the dog toys? and Danielle’s. Something about the winning look didn’t sit right with me. It was just too frumpy looking, although I understand the appeal. Bert’s was terrible but it didn’t offend me as much as the powder blue with the ridiculous styling.

    • Jen

      I totally agree! I try to look at them like I’m evaluating them for print because I figure it’s closest to that.

      I really liked Anya’s look too! It was a close #2 for me. The ropes were kind of awesome. And I thought the winning look was frumpy too. Something about the top. Maybe the cut?

      As for the blue monstrosity, it was pretty terrible. I just thought there was at least a glimmer of promise with that ill-fitting top, where as there was nothing I could imagine liking about Bert’s.

      Looks like next week’s episode will be a team challenge, which always means one thing: DRAMA!

  2. Janine

    Oh my god! Anthony’s seed dress totally shouldve won! I finally caught up lol

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