Recap: Project Runway S9, E3

***SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up***

This week was a Project Runway first. Not only did the designers have to create an over-the-top look for models on stilts, but they had the first-ever outdoor show (more than likely because of the stilts) in front of a live audience. And in case that wasn’t enough madness, they had to [gasp!] do it in teams! The horror!

Let’s get right to the best and worst before I give you my thoughts on the other looks…


I totally agreed with the judges that Laura and Anthony Ryan’s red beauty was the winner. Michael Kors said it best when he told the designers this look was special because it would look just as amazing without the stilts.

I loved the feathers and the fact that, while it looks like a red carpet-worthy gown, it’s actually pants. Plus it looked amazing flowing out behind the model as she strutted her stuff.


Words really can’t describe the hideousness of Bert and Viktor’s dress. The only thing that may have been worse than their horrific fabric choice was their bickering. Bert was a know-it-all trying to teach Viktor lessons in history and Viktor was like a child on the verge of a temper tantrum from the moment he heard he had to work with Bert. But I digress. Likened to curtains, upholstery, and cheesy catering hall decor, the fabric is horrible and could result in nothing but ugly!

Let’s take a peek at what some of the other teams came up with:

Anya and Olivier

Going into the challenge, I was sure their design would be my favorite. In the end, it was nothing spectacular.

Loved the fabric choice–it was like a watercolor masterpiece!— and I liked the criss-cross idea, but I think the final result was just ok.

Becky and Kimberly

This look seemed to be one of those that look much better in person than on TV. The judges repeatedly commented on the tailoring, which can be hard to get a sense of on TV–although it definitely came across as well made.

I liked the idea of this look and the sort of ring leader vibe (note to designers in the bottom: this is how you make a reference to something without being too costumey!), but the collar and sleeve threw me off. I get that they were trying to show off her tattoo, but I think even a cap sleeve on the other side could’ve worked.

Bryce and Fallene

The only reason I didn’t choose this as the worst dress is because the fabric choice of Bert and Viktor’s abomination caused such a visceral reaction. This disaster is right up there with it.

My daughter got a tutu making kit for Christmas one year. Our ridiculous creation was definitely more interesting than this. It probably would’ve been better with the bodice, but Fallene couldn’t cut on grain (Bryce’s emphasis, not mine)! In the end she made nothing but the (cute) headpiece and was deservedly sent packing.

Cecilia and Danielle

Loved the colors (especially the top!). Loved the flowy chiffon and the amazing pants–you couldn’t even see the stilts! Hated the Bride of Frankenstein hair.

I think in any other challenge, this one may have been the winner. It just wasn’t over-the-top enough to win a crazy stilts challenge.

Joshua and Julie

I should start by saying I’m not really a fan of Joshua. Aside from being catty and condescending, his over the top, bedazzled designs aren’t my thing.

That said, I thought I was going to like this look when they first started talking about it. Matador could have been so cool!

Unfortunately, this look was more Wonder Woman meets Bozo the Clown than matador. Those crazy squiggle pants are so ugly!

Do you agree with my thoughts on this week’s designs? Do you have a favorite designer yet? I don’t think I’m stuck on anyone in particularly just yet…



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4 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E3

  1. Janine

    I almost liked the crazy matador outfit… However the shiny red tank underneath the crazy jacket really killed me…

    I also just hate plain hate Bert…

  2. The red is definitely dramatic but it’s a copy of Gucci fall ’11…that’s what Nina was referring to, I think…

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