Covet: Kate Spade Book Clutches

OK, so originally I was going to throw one of these into my last Lust List, but my excitement over these can’t be constrained to a wordless feature.

I am an unapologetic word nerd. I also happen to be a wee bit obsessed with fashion. When these two forces combine, I’m left slack jawed and drooling.

Behold the Kate Spade book clutch:

I’m in love! From the quotes on the back to the detailed spines, these clutches are amaaaazing! At $325 they will never find their way under my arm, but a girl can drool, no?

Check out some of the other designs:

I can’t pick a favorite! Every time I try, I’m drawn back to one of the others. They’re just too adorable! Check out the rest of them here and tell me if there’s a book you think she should do.



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