Shopping for… A Bridal Shower Dress

Are any of you ladies out there like me? Do you see a shower or birthday party invitation in the mail and automatically look at it like the perfect excuse to go shopping?

As soon as I see the envelope, the wheels start spinning and I start imagining the dress that I’ll get. The dress that, since I’m not working in an office anymore, I probably won’t wear again for awhile. Because, let’s face it. When that next invite comes in the mail I’ll be looking for a new one.

We’re in the midst of planning my friend Aimee’s shower for next month (more on that after we have it!) so of course I’m thinking about what to wear…

Shabby Apple

Francesca's Collections




Francesca's Collections


Shabby Apple

A bit all over the map, huh?

Doing something like this can totally help you narrow down your ideas. By looking at the dresses I collected here, I can tell that I’m currently drawn to:

  • feminine details (like ruffles and cute little cap sleeves)
  • particular prints: polka dots, stripes and tribal patterns
  • color blocking

I can also see that I need to pay more attention to the cut of the dresses I look at. Since I’m still waiting for the last bits of post-baby weight to magically melt off my middle, I know I won’t be happy with anything too fitted. Nipped in at the waist is fine, but fitted through the pooch and hips just won’t work (there’s only so much Spanx can do!).

The most important thing to remember when dress shopping is that cut is key. A sheath dress will go to war with my midsection (causing a chocolate binge that won’t help much of anything). Looking at A-line pieces that accentuate my waistline will not only look better, but they’ll be much gentler on my ego.

Which dress gets your vote?



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4 responses to “Shopping for… A Bridal Shower Dress

  1. Hmm, I don’t know Shabby Apple so I’ll have to take a look. I love Mod Cloth. You can’t beat the price and retro looks are just so cute.

  2. wow, all of these dresses are just perfect for a bridal… or baby shower! Finding a fab dress makes it so easy to get ready for a fun event.
    (thanks for stopping by my blog; great to discover yours, too).

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