Lust List: Back to School Edition

In a world where money is no object and it makes perfect sense to buy expensive clothes for my juice-spilling munchkin, these are some of the pieces we’d have to pick up while back to school shopping.

A lover of glittery, girly things, the color blue and zebra stripes, I think these pieces would suit her perfectly…

clockwise from top left: Burberry, J. Crew, Tea Collection, J. Crew

Lilly Pulitzer :: Milly Minis

clockwise from top left: Stella McCartney, Catimini,
Hanna Anderson, Mini Boden

Her first day of kindergarten is tomorrow and, while I said I was ready for September, I’m having some issues with this transition. I know she’s going to love it (she’s been requesting worksheets this summer), but I just can’t believe my baby is this big!



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15 responses to “Lust List: Back to School Edition

  1. Oooh I love your picks! especially that Catimini cape and the sparkly skirt!

  2. Loving your picks. Velvet blazers and sparkly skirts can be mixed and matched in the most creative ways. Thanks so much for joining in the Monday Mingle fun!

  3. I would be in big trouble with girls. It’s a lot easier with boys because (1) the stuff isn’t as cute (no matter what anyone says) and (2) they just DESTROY it and the stuff is being washed so frequently it really makes zero sense, even for a photo opp. BUT, I really do hope to have a girl to buy clothes like these 🙂

    • Jen

      I’ve seen some adorable little boy stuff, but– I have to admit– it pales in comparison to the girls stuff. Most of the time I find myself wishing I could wear the outfits I see out there for the little ladies!

  4. How adorable is that little sequins skirt for a little diva??? And I love that little cape too, it reminds me of one my mom made for me when I was kid, red plaid on one side and gray corderoy on the flip side!

  5. So fun… I miss these days of clothes for my kids, went by too fast!

  6. I love the little sequined skirt, I want one!! It’s adorable and lovely!


  7. Visiting from Monday Mingle.
    These are so adorable. Loving the skirts especially the sequined one.
    Does create a laundry challenge though.
    I just ordered 3 pairs of boots/high tops for my daughter from Children’s place clearance section. I love shopping for the kids.

  8. I want that skirt in a bit girl size! SO cute!

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