Project Runway Recap: S9, E7

**spoiler alert! don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched this week’s episode!**

Oh the drama! I don’t know about you but as soon as I saw that Joshua and Bert were on the same team, I knew something would be hitting the fan!

With Bert constantly muttering away under his breath and Joshua’s flair for anything over the top (which we now know includes unnecessary temper tantrums that rival an over-tired two-year old’s), Team Nuts and Bolts seemed doomed to failure before they even started– something which not even a Kumbaya moment with Tim Gunn could fix.

But enough about the cat fights. Let’s get to the fashion!


Anya’s look was my favorite, mostly because it’s the one that I can see myself wearing. I love how she worked with the prints, creating a really slimming effect.

And the back was amazing! I loved the black piping and the square cut (which was a common thread in the collection that I was particularly in love with).

The only thing I would want different if I was going to wear it is the neckline. I think a more dramatic boat neck would be amazing. This one comes up a little too high for my taste.

Olivier’s jacket and Viktor’s gown were also pretty fantastic, but there was something about each of them that just didn’t work for me.


While Becky is boring and was a little too submissive (she never made a stand for what she believed in, but instead remade her pieces over and over and over…), I don’t understand how Bert slides through week after week. He’s terrible!

The length of this dress is horrid–especially when paired with those booties! I also hated the zipper. I don’t think there’s anything “edgy” about it. And the fit is terrible!

I’m just really not a fan of Bert.

What about you? Have you picked your favorite designer yet? And who do you think should go home next?



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5 responses to “Project Runway Recap: S9, E7

  1. oh yes, the best certainly is the best! i love the tailoring on that dress!

  2. Janine

    Lol Chris thinks she made that up to make herself seem incredible…

  3. I agree Bert’s was the worst. I don’t know what they were talking about a different fabric and the tailoring. I’m guessing he’s just more interesting for the show.

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