Recap: Project Runway S9, E8

**spoiler alert! don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched this week’s episode!**

This challenge immediately made me laugh for two reasons:

It reminded me of when I was college and working in a women’s clothing store (NY & Company, if you’re curious). Around Christmas and Valentine’s Day we always got the clueless (albeit thoughtful) husbands coming in with no clue what to do.

They’d have no idea what size they were shopping for or even what their wives liked. I had a conversation once very close to the one Laura had with her guy, where he said “Picture you darker, taller and… uhhhhh… bustier,” only the hubby said mine were bigger which was extremely awkward to say the least.

Seondly, I can’t even begin to imagine my husband trying to describe my style. The only thing I can picture him saying is “Ummm… she likes green?” As in, is that enough info to design an entire outfit? Because that’s all I can tell you!

But I digress…

Before I give you my picks for the best and worst, I have to say that I loved Anthony Ryan’s couple! How cute is it that the husband wanted to recreate the dress he lost? Instead of talking about how much he likes to motorboat her boobs, he thought of something that would mean something to her (so what if it turned out ugly? It’s the thought!).


I absolutely loved Viktor’s look! The color combo is fantastic and I love the high waist and pleating on the skirt. The combination of the colors and cut make this a very retro-modern look.

What the heck does that mean, you ask? Well, the silhouette is classic. I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me she bought this outfit in a thrift store. At the same time, the color and styling is very modern and grounds it in the present.

I agree that Viktor went a little overboard on accessories (how fab is that necklace though?!), but the design was great. I want to own it! I could absolutely see myself wearing this.

A very close second for me was Joshua’s dress. Someone needs to slap that boy’s hand more often because, when he edits himself, he’s amazing!

The dress was stunning. It showed just enough skin (loved the back!) and looked great paired with the bright pumps.

Tim Gunn said he’s usually “one step below a parade float,” but I think that when he shows restraint, he might just be unstoppable in this competition.


Bryce definitely deserved to go home. He’s sort of been floating by for a while now with looks that were just eh. He was most concerned with the color of this look, but I thought that’s what worked the most for it. It was ill fitting and those pockets were kind of ridiculous (my hips don’t need any added attention, thanks!).

Side note: Did Joshua really ask Bryce who was going to make his coffee now when he found out Bryce was eliminated?

Bert skirted the boot yet again this week with his so-so design, but his look didn’t bother me as much as Anya’s.

I usually adore her, but I am not a fan of the whole one-shouldered long sleeve thing. I just don’t think it ever looks good.

I like that she incorporated a slit on the side with the sleeve in an attempt to balance it out, but it still doesn’t work for me. It’s the length of the sleeve that completely throws me off. If it was a short sleeve and the slit was smaller I’d be in love! But this? Not so much.

What did you think? And who do you think will go hone next? It has to be Bert, no?


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  1. Em

    Favourite show! And no idea who’s going home!

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