Take a Second to Breathe

Phew. The last five days have been a whirlwind of crazy.

Chock full of parties, vaccinations (which resulted in a cranky baby who won’t nap or let me put her down), an exhausted 5-year old (who still hasn’t recovered from her Saturday night sleepover at her cousin’s) and school functions, these last few days haven’t given me a second to breathe.

It’s times like this when we need to find our own little nugget of relaxation, right?

When I think of what relaxes me, I automatically think ocean. The smell, the sound, the color palette; it’s an instant relief. In fact, it’s the reason I chose a soft seafoamy blue-green color for our bedroom.

It made me think about a recent art exhibition at our local coffeehouse. I walked in one day to see my brother play a show and saw a collection of original photographs by David Symmonds called The Oceanic Experience on the walls. I fell in love!

The blurred, dreamy photos are exactly like the ocean: instantly calming. If I had the money, I’d buy the whole series!

What do you find relaxing?



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2 responses to “Take a Second to Breathe

  1. I used to love the beach. As a mom, I’m no longer a fan. It’s nightmare 😉 I like being alone. That’s relaxing. Nail salon, spa, alcohol.

    • haha so true! there are so many things to worry about at the beach. and forget about trying to get them to leave!

      still, there’s something about the ocean itself that is just so calming even though it’s so powerful. maybe it’s the rhythmic sound of the waves. i don’t know. there’s just something about it!

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