Obsession of the Moment: Square-Toe Ballet Flats

I met my pal Janine at the mall the other day in search of a little bridal shower gift. It’s a sort of unspoken rule between us that, if we’re meeting at a mall, we’ll find each other in the Macy’s shoe department.

There was a Jessica Simpson display (I adore her accessories!!!) that I was immediately drawn to and I fell in love with her square-toed ballet flats. They’re so cute!

The more we walked around (stopping anywhere that sells shoes, of course), the more I was noticing them. They look like a ballerina’s pointe shoes: rounded until they get to the toe, where they’re abruptly squared.

What do you think about them?

Jessica SimpsonPrada

London Sole Christian Siriano for Payless
Jessica SimpsonBakers

Jessica Simpson



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6 responses to “Obsession of the Moment: Square-Toe Ballet Flats

  1. I think they look classy and are a bit different which I like. The mustard ones are my fave.

    ❤ Rachel

  2. Janine

    Awww… I love being in your blog! Lol I’m famous!! Haha… I need to buy myself some of those flats immediately

  3. I HAVE those Jessica Simpson ballet flats – I love the square toe. Mine are all pink with a little bow in front. Fantastic unspoken rule, btw.

  4. love it! we def have the same taste. janine, you have to check out her blog!

  5. Just got a pair of blue suede ones from Zara matter of fact.

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