Recap: Project Runway S9, E9

**spoiler alert! don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched this week’s episode!**

I’m not really sure where to start with this episode.

It was a really awkward attempt at cross marketing; the result being a jumble of earth-toned, fringey disasters that no one would want to wear.

I think guest judge Adam Lambert (of American Idol fame) got it right when he made a Scooby Doo comparison. Pretty much all of the guys ended up looking like Shaggy–and not in a good way.

Let’s just get to it…


Viktor gets the win this week not because I particularly love it (the pattern of that shirt is pretty awful… although not as awful as Anthony Ryan’s logs or Olivier’s blue swans).

Instead, Viktor is my winner because his look is made impeccably. The pants and jacket fit well and are flattering to his shape–which is sooo untrue for most of the others.

I’m not a big fan of fringe (especially on guys) but this was the least offensive use of it. Plus, it looks like a modern take on the 70s instead of bad, cheap, polyester vintage (cough, Kimberly, cough).


Oh, Anya. I love you, but this shirt is a disaster. I don’t mind the concept, but the fit couldn’t be worse and the colors and fabric are kind of horrible.

Nina called him “Pocahantas,” while Michael (who had some amazing one liners) thought he looked more like “Reggae Jesus.”

I will say though, that while I thought her look had the most issues, I’m glad she didn’t go home. She’s never done menswear before and I genuinely like her style.

Olivier, on the other hand, started off with such promise but has been a huge bore as of late, using the same color palette over and over again.

I really liked him in the beginning, but this is the second challenge in a row where he’s been a big bitch about his client’s size (last week it was working around her DDs). He suddenly struck me as pretentious and bratty. Especially when he sat there telling his client repeatedly that he’s big. It was just obnoxious.

From far away, the print of this shirt isn’t too horrible (those God awful baby blue pockets, however, are a whole other story), but as Adam Lambert said, it kind of looked like upholstery fabric.

What about the others?

Bert’s look wasn’t as horrible as I anticipated. I didn’t have a problem with his striped pants like some of the others did. I was completely distracted by the ridiculous pigtails though.

Laura’s look was okay. There was nothing too horrible about it. I liked the red jeans but my favorite part was the fact that Michael said the tie dyed tank looked like it belonged to Sweeney Todd.

Michael also described Kimberly’s kaftan turned bowling shirt look best, calling it “Peter Brady at an autumn harvest.”

Last but not least (because all I have to say about Anthony Ryan, I already said), there’s Joshua. Ohhhh, Joshua. Yet again, his inability to edit got in the way. He has really good ideas. I loved the print on the shirt and I actually liked the zipper detail on his well tailored pants. The problem is always with his extras: all that fringe, the big brown pockets on the back and the weird leg detail. I wish he would take it down just a notch!

What do you guys think? Did I get it all wrong? Did I get it right? Do you think Olivier should have been the one to go home?


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5 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E9

  1. i love ripped jeans i like to wear those
    cool shirt looks like we went back to 70’s

  2. Thanks for linking up honey!!! I love Project Runway! Have a fabulous weekend. Kori xoxo

  3. I hate the menswear challenge each season. I understand designers need to be versatile but come one. It’s not even fun to look at. Oliver was getting on my nerves. Love Adam Lambert. Wish there was more of him 😉

  4. Olivier definitely had problems with this episode!

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