Recap: Project Runway S9 E10

So I know 70s trends are big right now, but I couldn’t believe it was another week of 70s fashion! I was more or less expecting most of the designers to crash and burn considering how bad last week’s looks were.

I was pleasantly surprised. There were a few looks that I would definitely wear–and I wasn’t expecting t hat.


Anya is my winner. I mean, the girl made that first look for $11.50! Like Nina said, she’s quick on her feet and a good problem solver. The pattern of the cheap pants was great and I liked the top (even though Michael said it was the color of Dentyne).

The second look was absolutely gorgeous. I loved the print and the sheer back was sooo pretty. I can see a wide range of girls wanting to wear it–and they will since it’s going to be available on Piperlime.


Joshua, as usual, had major editing issues. Heidi (who was wearing a kick ass dress!) called it “sore to the eyes” while Nina said it was “hor-ren-dous,” prompting the claws to come out and Joshua’s bitch level to rise dramatically.

But honestly, neither of his looks said 70s. The cut of the pants made the model’s butt look weird and the shirt was ugly and unflattering. There really was nothing to like about either look, aside from the fact that he never plays it safe.


Since we’re down to the final few, I’ll give my thoughts about some of the other looks:

I thought Viktor was a close second to Anya. He is obviously really talented. His pieces are always so well tailored.

But I thought the suit was a little too conservative and monotone. Like the judges said, just showing a little skin by eliminating the tee would have completely changed everything about that look. Michael remarked that “the t-shirt is killing the sex.” He was right!

I loved the ombre snakeskin print. It was really beautiful. And the little dress was super cute. I would absolutely wear that.

I agreed that Kimberly was middle of the road. The flowy top had absolutely no shape. I wasn’t feeling it. I thought the jumper was okay. It fit well, but there was nothing about it that stood out in any way.

I thought Laura was pretty middle of the road as well. I agreed with the judges’ issues with her patterns. The bright skirt was kind of awful. Her second look was just blah (Michael said it was “like taking three sleeping pills”), although I really like the idea of the burn out chevron. I just wish she added a pop of color somewhere.

I didn’t think Bert was too terrible this week (gasp!). I mean, I would never wear the shirt for his first look but I can see the appeal. The shorts were ridiculously short and made her look like a hooker.

His dress was adorable (although I really thought she should ditch the neck scarf. Just looking at it made feel claustrophobic). I really liked that the back was a different color. The belt was also a nice touch.

Like Tim Gunn, I’m really sad to see Anthony Ryan go. The judges (obviously) were not fond of his looks. Michael called them a “granola, pass the pipe kind of girl,” with Nina agreeing they were “hippie dippy but not in a good way.” Nina even went so far as to say that they looked like “two boring girls who are part of a cult.”

I didn’t hate his looks. I liked the patterns and thought the back of his maxi dress was pretty. There was definitely nothing wow worthy about his pieces, but I thought they were better than Joshua’s madness.

What did you think?



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6 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9 E10

  1. I haven’t watched Project Runway in a while, but I love that first look as well. $11.50?! Incredible!

  2. I really liked Anya’s jumpsuit! I chatted with Anthony Ryan on Friday and he was so humble and sweet!

  3. I didn’t hate Anthony Ryan’s either. They were boring but not as bad as Joshua. But Joshua is more exciting to watch so that’s why he’s still around. Not my fave episode, especially after the challenge last week.

  4. Reading this makes me wish I had gotten into this show earlier in the season. Bummer! Next season for sure!

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