Recap: Project Runway S9, E11

For this episode the designers were paired up for a head-to-head battle where they each had to design something inspired by a bird (yes, a bird).

As if the bird thing wasn’t enough, Tim Gunn threw in more twists and turns when he told them they had to make a second look, only to tell them later that only one had to work the runway.

Let’s take a look at what our final six came up with.

Viktor vs. Kimberly

These two looks are quite similar (and a little bridal), which is especially interesting when you know that Kimberly had to scrap everything she had and made this dress in the last three hours.

Still, I have to say, Kimberly’s design was my favorite out of  this match up. While I originally liked the idea of Viktor’s shredded chiffon feathers, it ended up being a bit much. The judges thought he was a bit too literal and unbalanced. I think the slightest bit of editing could have made this look work.

Kimberly’s look, on the other hand, was incredibly glamorous. I can totally see a little starlet rocking this on the red carpet. I like the subtle bit of color on the inside of the skirt. I also like the slits and the pearls (which Michael called “mommyish”).

The judges went with Kimberly as the winner of this match up. While I think it was the closest battle, I have to agree.

Bert vs. Joshua

The battle of the drama queens wasn’t nearly as close as I anticipated. Bert generally bores me, while Joshua assaults my senses with his lack of editing.

Bert hated this challenge from the beginning and it shows. His dress is boring and blah (“generic” according to Nina). I love the peekaboo pop of color, but it’s not enough to save this drab and uninspiring look.

The top is absolutely horrible. Michael referred to it as Wonder Woman-like and I couldn’t agree more. From his color choice to his design, I think this look was a big fat fail.

As for Joshua, I almost choked when he decided to go with the way less Carnivale of his two looks. The color was great and it was nice and flowy (if not a little potato sack-like). And I actually liked what Michael referred to as the “drunk in the Caribbean corsage.” It would have been way too bland and not at all Joshua without it.

I wholeheartedly agree that Joshua is the winner of this match up.

Anya vs. Laura

I thought Anya’s look was really cool and unexpected (no color! no pattern! no jumpsuit!). She definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with this super structured piece (though it did closely resemble Viktor’s dress in the Nina Garcia challenge). Dark and edgy, this look fit her bird (the raven) perfectly.

I thought Laura’s look was meh. I liked the flare on the jacket but I could do without at least some of the feathers and I didn’t like her fabric choice. The pants were too tight (even Heidi agreed!) and it was decidedly too “birdie.”

Bert and Laura found themselves in the bottom two and it was Bert who (finally) left us, while Anya won the challenge and $20,000 (which Joshua was not at all happy about).

What did you think about this episode?



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5 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E11

  1. This is a show that I am sorely missing on cable right now! Looks like a fantastic season!

  2. gorgeous! i especially love the edgy looks.

  3. Joanna Lea

    I’ve watched every season of Project Runway and I feel like, with the exception of Anja, there is very little courageous and tasteful design sense this year. No Laura Bennett, no Casanova, no Mondo. 😦 Although Anja has not been sewing long, she was born with that “something” designers need for foresight and style. I am pulling for her to win.

    My least favorite is Laura, I have been hoping she would be voted off since the beginning. I don’t even know how she won a spot on there other than her blonde locks. She has NO taste, her pattern making is at a freshman level, and she annoys the hell out of me. I concur with Nina that she is in no way a fashion designer…but I guess a season without someone annoying is not interesting.

    I loved Anja’s raven dress. It was like nothing I’ve seen, understated and strong, and had imaginative lines.

    Can’t wait for next week. Maybe I’ll get to see Laura go home. 🙂

  4. I love that you do a recap! Nice to know im not the only one who appreciates my reality shows (lol). I cant wait to see Miss Piggy guesting on the new season! Haha! That’ll be cute.

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