Bedding Woes

I’ve got a bit of a bedding problem. Like most of the things I do in life, I bought my bedding without really thinking it through.

You see, my bedroom is painted this really light and airy blue-green. I loveit. It’s calming and aquatic and everything I wanted it to be. So I bought a big, fluffy bedding set in the palest blue, with a little bit of floral embroidery at the bottom.

When dolls get makeovers like this one, how do I expect anything to stay clean?

It’s pretty and it’s cloud-like… and it’s entirely too light for a house with two kids and a cat. It’s stained and discolored and just not as pretty as when it came out of the bag.

So what’s a girl on a budget to do? I’m not about to go out and buy a new bedding set. Ours is comfy and worn in and I love it, I’d just like to hide the spots when people come over.

For the moment I have a big, fat down blanket folded at the foot of the bed. It looks a little ridiculous, but it does the trick.

I’ve decided that if I find the right combo of throw blankets and decorative pillows (yes, dear husband, I’m talking about more pillows that you’re not allowed to sleep on), I’ll have an eclectic, homey look that suits our style and hides the ugly.

Here are some of the pieces I came across in my search:

Earth Lab


Next Door to Heaven

Room 39

Lands' End


The Simple Standard

PB Teen

I’m basically going to hunt for texture and pieces with an earthy, natural feel. I think they’ll complement the room nicely–plus they’re good for hiding messes!

What kind of vibe do you go for in your bedroom?



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11 responses to “Bedding Woes

  1. I could look at bedding for DAYS. I love the PB Teen photo at the end. DIVINE.

  2. Room 39 looks perfect for me. I have a black and white bedspread, and I decorate it with lots of pillows. I like the look that it creates.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. i’m not sure what vibe i really go for.. i like a lot of different styles.. but i guess simplicity would be my bedroom style for now (though my current bed situation is not reflecting that lol!)

  4. Janine

    Im loving the love pillow!!

  5. Throw pillows can totally revamp a room! You could even make your own

  6. These are all so pretty! What a gorgeous vibe for your bedroom. I’m laughing bc we had our apartment professionally decorated a year before my son was conceived and everything is SO impractical. Pale gray couches, WHITES, dark hardwood floors…not kid friendly at all. Our bedroom is Hollywood Regency-ish and dark grays so at least our comforter is safe 🙂 Good luck with the search. Monitor One Kings Lane. I’m addicted.

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