A Little Bit of Leg Love

You already know that I have a weakness for fall’s layering pieces. But there’s one layering essential that I haven’t publicly obsessed over yet:


American Apparel

I love tights! Especially textured or printed tights.

You can put together a look that’s sort of eh but when you throw on a pair of fun tights, it’s suddenly swoon worthy. They can completely transform your outfit.

Wolford :: ExpressDKNY :: EloiseNordstrom :: NordstromSPANX :: Urban Outfitters

I also love the fact that tights let me wear my favorite summery dresses all year round. They give sundresses and skirts new life, sometimes adding a little edginess to them.

Are you as crazed about tights as I am? And which of these is your favorite? I don’t think I can choose just one!



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13 responses to “A Little Bit of Leg Love

  1. LOVE tights in fall/winter too…I need to hit the stores and buy a few though..all of mine that I have gone to slide on have holes/runs in them. ugh. So annoying. LOVE those polka dot ones..awesome.

    The color lipstick in last post is Covergirl 290 Burn Brulure.

  2. That’s the worst! Especially since it’s always at the last minute that I realize that they all have runs!

  3. Janine

    We need to go shopping for tights!! Such an inexpensive way to completely change an outfit!

  4. These are fab. I’m obsessed too, I am loving the Wolford. Just waiting for it to get cool enough to break them out. xo

  5. Those polka dotted ones are lovely. I was also on the lookout for the one with the line down the back of the leg. I need to get me some new tights for this season!

    P.S We’re hosting an amazing jewellery giveaway today on Fashionhogger; come by soon.

  6. I normally just wear black tights but I did get some black patterned ones like you posted. I am excited about them for the fall!

  7. I dedicate an entire drawer in my dresser to my tights because I’m so obsessed. They are why winter is my favorite season. : ) And that’s so sweet that you read that poem at your wedding! It’s really special to me, too, and both my hubby and I have a snippet of it tattooed on our arms.

  8. I love tights too and am dying over that houndstooth pair!!

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