Recap: Project Runway S9, E12

First of all, I can’t believe this was the final challenge! Ahhh! Where did the season go?

Random points before I get to the fashion:

  • I don’t think the little velvet bag brought the drama the producers may have expected it to bring. Booted designers helping out could’ve been fiery, but there was more than enough tension in that workroom without them.
  • I think the talent level of the final five was super close. Before the episode started I assumed Viktor would make it to Fashion Week (his immaculate tailoring is by far the best in the bunch) and hoped that Anya would be right there too because I like her fresh, flowy, sort of global aesthetic (does that make sense?). As for the other three, I assumed it would be a total crap shoot.
  • Is it just me or is Zoe Saldana gorgeous but alarmingly thin? Maybe it was the outfit, but when I saw her walk out and stand next to Heidi I literally gasped. It’s not like Heidi is an average-sized woman, but standing next to Zoe she looked like a regular-sized girl standing next to a runway model.

I don’t think I can do my normal Best and Worst this week since each designer made mini collections that I had mixed feelings about. There were pieces from each designer that I liked and there were also pieces that weren’t so high on my list.

Instead, I’ll go through them in the order they came down the runway.

Joshua (with Bryce)

I wasn’t particularly feeling any of these looks. I was glad that Joshua seems to be able to edit a little bit better (thank you, Bryce!), but I thought these were kind of blah.

The first dress was boring. The second look didn’t (though I do agree with Nina that some of the pieces could work–just not together). The third dress was totally Statue of Liberty.

Michael called him a magpie, which is the perfect description. He can’t help himself when there’s something shiny!

In the end, he made it through to Fashion Week because, as Michael said,  “it’s better to have too many ideas.” Let’s just hope the little magpie doesn’t collect all the shiny things he can find and vomit them all over his collection! He has the potential to be so good!

Kimberly (with Becky)

I have to say, I like Kimberly’s looks so much better when I see them lined up next to each other. It really looks like a cohesive collection.

Heidi said the first model looked like an “exchange student from Holland.” I totally see where she’s coming from, but I really like the jacket–aside from the construction cone orange color. The cut is cute and I like the placement of the buttons.

For look two, I like the belt (OK, I’m sort of a magpie myself) and the keyhole in the top. I am not so fond of the horrible fabric the skirt is made of and I hate what Laura referred to as the “goiters.” I might not have noticed how terrible the fabric really is if wasn’t for the weird gathering.

The third look is really reminiscent of the top Kimberly made in Nina’s challenge. I liked it then and I like it now, although I wish it wasn’t so similar (this is basically a silver version made into a dress). Love that she paired it with pink shoes.

I’m really unsure of how Kimberly will do at Fashion Week. She’s an awesome tailor and has some great ideas, but I wonder if she has enough of them.

Laura (with Anthony)

Oh Laura. She wanted to make it so badly. I think she just stepped outside of her comfort zone a little too much and lost herself.

I really don’t like the latticework fabric. Her idea of incorporating circles was a good one, but I think her fabric choice was terrible. There’s not much I like about any of these looks.

I did like the flowy slip-like skirt in look one that all of the judges hated. I thought it lightened up the outfit since the black made it so heavy. I wasn’t into the silhouette of the jacket though–although I’ll admit that if the fabric was different I might change my tune.

I liked the idea of the top of dress two, but somehow it fell short. Zoe Saldana said it “looks like a pillowcase with black tape tied around it,” while Michael called it a laundry bag. Again, I think the issue had a lot to do with the fabric.

I absolutely hate the gown.  Nina said the model “looks like Spiderman.” I think Heidi was the only one who liked it–and of course she did! It reminded me of that ugly dress Mondo made for her.

In the end, Laura was sent packing. And while I liked her (though I’m not sure if it was her or her designs), she was the one who should’ve gone home.

Anya (with Bert)

Anya set out to prove again this week that she didn’t have to use wild prints to grab the judges’ attention. I liked her looks, but I couldn’t help but notice something that somehow no one mentioned during judging: there was no range! Tim specifically said to create a range of pieces. Anya made three gorgeous, flowy dresses.

Heidi called look one “very fashion forward yet simple.” I agree. Anya’s pieces are always so fresh and never overworked. My favorite part of this dress was the open back. It added a little sexiness to the sort of conservative front.

Look two looks so easy to wear. It’s flowy and comfortable looking and I loved the strap detail, which cut across the open back.

Look three didn’t really do anything for me. Zoe called it futuristic, which I see. It’s just not my thing.

Michael made a good point, noting how Anya started out very tropical and can now do urban and sophisticated. She’s come a really long way and I can’t wait to see what she shows at Fashion Week–I’m just afraid there won’t be enough range.

Viktor (with Olivier)

Viktor is really a master. His clothes are always so well made. Whether or not he wins, I know we’ll see more from him.

I thought the jacket for look one was awesome, mostly because he made leather look flowy. I really like it, although I don’t think I would wear it.

Look two is fabulous because it’s office chic with a twist. I actually love the cowl on the skirt and that he added a pop of orange with the belt. I also really liked the exposed zipper on the back.

I wasn’t as crazy about the black dress, mostly because of the boning on the hip. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t need extra volume in the hip area, thank you very much.

In the end though, I agreed with Michael when he said Viktor’s was  “the most commercial collection.”  I really think he is a force to be reckoned with.

Who’s your pick for this season’s winner? I want Anya to make it work!



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4 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E12

  1. As beautiful as Anya stuff is, there wasn’t much range in her finale show either…but it was all really gorgeous! Can Viktor make a jacket or what? Swoon!

  2. I totally avoided any and all Project Runway coverage during Fashion Week. Somehow I managed to get through without knowing who had made it!

    And seriously, Viktor is amazing!

  3. I’m still down with Anya. It’s the only stuff I would wear. Viktor apparently makes nice clothes but I personally wouldn’t want to wear them.

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