Recap: Project Runway S9, E13

This is it ladies. We’re in the home stretch!

I always love the home visit episodes because it means a lot of Tim Gunn. He’s just so darn huggable, isn’t he?

I love when he goes into serious mode, like he did with both Anya (I can’t believe she hadn’t made a thing when she knew he was coming!) and Joshua. Tim’s facial expressions and hand gestures when trying to talk Joshua out of his hideous fabric choices were just too much.

He was the most blunt and hilarious with Viktor though, telling him to “knock their effing socks off!” instead of showing a dress that Tim considered iffy.

But enough about Tim. Let’s talk fashion.


I think Viktor had the most well-made collection hands down–not that that was very surprising.

His clothes were impeccable and I was loving all over that color palette! My favorite was the flowing Grecian dress, although I didn’t realize it was sheer until I saw the runway photos. Still, it was fantastic!

I also loved the fact that the prints were his own. He actually took photos in Mexico and had them printed. The result was fabulous (though the pants were definitely not my thing).

And can we talk about that leather jacket for a second? How amazing was that?! I love that he used pearls (even if some of them were a little big). And didn’t you just know that Heidi would want it? Again, I wouldn’t wear it, but I thought it was awesome.

I did agree with the judges that he had some editing issues. While I thought the idea of that leather skirt was kind of spectacular, I agree that the pretty little dress he paired it with would have shone much better on its own.Joshua was right behind Viktor on my list, although the only look I’d even consider trying on was the little black dress. I loved the details, which were super slimming.

The jacket was a little weird but ok because it was so different. I loved Heidi’s comment on the belt because it was exactly what I was thinking. She said “it reminds me of the kind of strap I put on my kids in the car seat.” So true!

Last but not least, there was his ridiculous flowy gown/skintight pants thing. It was flowy, nicely draped gown in the front and skintight catsuit in the back. Only some words from Michael Kors could possibly explain what I mean. Michael said that the idea “that any woman is going to have her ass exposed in Olivia Newton Johns’ leggings” is nuts. So true! That whole look was a disaster!


Kimberly bored me. The first look was just blah. I loved the color combo in the second look, but had an issue with what Heidi called “the bubble butt” and the weird gathering in the front. I can’t see any woman wanting to wear it. Last but not least, I like the sparkle of the third look, but that was about it.

I guess what says the most about how I felt about Kimberly’s pieces is that I don’t have much to say.

Anya’s showing was also disappointing. I usually love her looks, but the only piece I would wear was her first dress. The pattern was nice and the back was pretty. It also had a bit of her signature flow.

The other pieces looked like she was trying to be someone else. The only thing I liked about the bathing suit was the zipper detail (somehow the cut of the suit manages to make even a model look heavier) and, like Michael said, the gown looked “tortured.”

I think Nina gave Anya the best piece of advice when she said “Embrace what you’re good at.” If Anya can get back to her flowy ease and style things with more of a low key, beachy vibe she’ll do much better.

What did you think about the looks this week? I thought is was a little bit of a bummer. It was a combination of the same old notes and trying to hard with little morsels of goodness tucked in.



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3 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E13

  1. I have been missing this show like crazy! (we cut the cable) Thanks for the recap!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend! ❤ Anna

  2. From that showing, I thought for sure that Kimberly was going to be eliminated!

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