Recap: Project Runway S9, E14 (The Finale!)

I’m a little sad to be writing my final round up for this season!

I thought this season was a good one, mostly because there was such a wide range of style. The final four alone have completely different design sensibilities. While they sometimes overlap (most notably with flowing pieces), they each bring something unique to the table.

Let’s get down to it (in order!)


There were pieces of Kimberly’s looks that I really liked. I thought most of the backs were really cool and interesting. I also liked the hairstyling this time around and I loved that flowing striped dress.

In the end though,  I thought her showing was just OK. Aside from that one dress, nothing really jumped out and grabbed me. The pink bubble skirt was still a huge disaster and there weren’t really any pieces that I could see myself in.

The judges liked that Kimberly has a different point of view. They also liked a lot of  her pieces but were unsure about it as a collection.

Their final decision was that she needs more time and I couldn’t agree more. Her tailoring is amazing, but her designs skills still need to work themselves out.


I have to say, I liked Joshua’s collection way more than I anticipated after seeing some of his pieces last week. While his aesthetic is not my thing, I like the brightness and his willingness to push the envelope.

He really seemed to edit himself. Nothing was overly bedazzled and his draping was spot on. That LBD was my hands-down fave of his collection. I loved the slimming details.

The judges were way more into his designs than ever before. Nina gave him “most improved” and called his collection very editorial. They all agreed he had the best styling. Michael said he had a “focused show with gorgeous tailoring,” while Heidi called it “gutsy” and Nina said it was  “solid.”

I think he deserved it, but I was totally amazed that he found himself in the top two. It’s incredible what a little editing can do, no?


As always, Viktor’s collection was made so incredibly well. I really love his skirts. They always flow nicely and are so flattering to a woman’s figure. I particularly loved the long see-through skirt with the ballerina vibe. I would never be able to wear it anywhere, but it’s gorgeous.

The judges, however, were not too keen on the see-through stuff. Heidi thought it looked “cheap.” Nina called his chiffon pieces a “missed opportunity.” They basically thought he had two collections: one with prints and an all-black see-through collection.

I kind of agree that his collection was a little disjointed. And his prints were definitely the stronger pieces. While Michael really believes Viktor could be commercially successful, his collection seemed to disappoint the judges.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed too. I had really high hopes for Viktor and I thought he would at least be in the top two. I wish he stuck to his amazing tailoring and forgot about all the sheer fabric!


Anya totally rocked it! For someone who just learned to sew four months before the competition began, she has been absolutely amazing. And she completely transformed her collection. It went from seriously disappointing to fabulous in such a short amount of time!

Her new bathing suit and coverup was absolutely amazing. So different from the hideous version she showed off last week. Her prints are stunning and all of her looks are so laid back and easy. I can totally see myself rocking one of her looks on a beachy vacation.

The judges were a little concerned that her looks are one note (and they are). They don’t translate well for an urban girl. Plus, Heidi didn’t like that it was one big v-neck fest (eight of her ten looks featured a v-neck!). Michael argued for her, saying she “sacrificed diversity in the shape” in order to make statements with prints.

In the end, what saved her is that she has already created a brand for herself. You know what pieces by Anya will look like. You know that you’ll like them. The judges were really confident that she can build a business around what she has shown them.

I totally agree. She needs to learn how to make jackets and tailored pants. She needs to add in some layering pieces. She needs to make her looks wearable for a wider range of ladies. And I think she can and will do that.

What did you think? Who thought it would come down to Anya and Joshua? Definitely not me!



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2 responses to “Recap: Project Runway S9, E14 (The Finale!)

  1. Ahh I LOVE Kimberly’s designs! So feminine!
    Thanks for the recap and have a fun weekend!

  2. For me, Viktor’s collection was the winner. I only noticed so much sheer after they pointed it out but on the runway I thought the clothes were impeccable and his collection had the most pieces I would want to wear personally. Anya’s are pretty, I would wear everything but there was no difference between her collection and Uli’s (remember that German chick from Miami). I agree with Josh that if they’re not sewn well and the models are sewn into the garments there’s a problem. Josh’s I didn’t feel at all, although it was the most unique. And Kimberly, well we knew she wasn’t really in it. Not my aesthetic although individual pieces were cute. I’ve been reading the blogs and I think there was a lot of pressure to name Anya the winner bc she was the fan favorite by a mile.

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