Snow + Halloween

So we’re on day two of no school after our freak snowstorm this weekend. The snow took down so many trees and powerlines that half the schools in my daughter’s district (not to mention all the homes!) have no power. Luckily we held on to ours.

Add a bored kindergartner home for the fourth day in a row to a sick baby and you have one mom who can’t get any work done.

So instead of the fashion post I hoped to give you today (hopefully that will come tomorrow), I’ll instead post some Halloween pictures while the babe naps and the five-year old tries to freeze me by putting her bare, ice-cold feet all over me while I type!



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4 responses to “Snow + Halloween

  1. Ah wow what great costumes! If you like dressing up check out my fancy dress competition. Its just a bit of fun.

  2. Your children are beautiful! And their adorable costumes made my day. TOO CUTE!!

    x Minty

  3. They are so adorable Jen! I see so much of my cousins.

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