I Don’t Get It: The Fur Edition

OK ladies. Do me a favor here. Explain to me the fur obsession. I just don’t get it!

Even when assuming that all of it is fake (which is sadly not the case), I don’t understand the attraction. I’m totally with you on loving soft, cozy, warm pieces and pieces that add a little texture.

But almost all of these fur pieces that are floating around in stores and on fashion bloggers everywhere are… dare I say it? Kind of hideous.

First of all, they’re almost always boxy. And in my opinion, that’s never attractive. Who wants their shape almost completely stripped from them? Not this girl!

Next, they’re often ratty looking. Even the expensive pieces. My hair is wild and frizzy enough. I don’t need an article of clothing that needs to be tamed as well.

And lastly, do you really want to walk around looking like a cave woman with an animal strapped to your back? I just don’t see anything glamorous about the things.

1 Rachel Zoe :: 2 INC International Concepts :: 3 Sanctuary :: 4 Ellen Tracy :: 5 Juicy Couture
6 Michael Michael Kors

Granted, there have been other trends that I was totally against that I slowly and madly fell in love with (I’m talking to you, oxfords!). But I don’t think this is one I’m budging on.

What do you think? Are you into fur?



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6 responses to “I Don’t Get It: The Fur Edition

  1. chameleonic

    i like fur, but the faux fur makes you look like a walking teddy bear. no one needs extra bulk. I like a vintage fur shawl or wrap, or tiny little fur detailing, but i’m not into fur vests i must say 😉

  2. I totally hear what you’re saying bc faux fur really can look ratty but real fur, OMG. I’ve had major breakdowns about, I’ve watched PETA videos that made me swear I’d never wear it again but good fur (ala J.Lo) is so beautiful and luxurious. I like number 3 btw.

  3. fur is awfully boxy! i have to settle for a faux snood/bag…i do like some of the jackets out at the moment however they can look really good on some people!

  4. Hi. I love the fur myself, but what i do not like at all is a hairy back. Why aren’t more pieces like this designed nipped in at the waist with a different fabric on the back. NO HAIRY BACKS PLEASE!! I am a designer so I’ll end up making my own. So I guess I agree and disagree. Come say HI.
    Love from Oregon USA,

    danielle celeste

  5. Well, if you say it like that…..


    I like a bit of fur (faux, the real stuff really makes me sad) – as a trim or a collar or a scarf. My favourite coat from several years ago (when fur was not a trend) has a faux fur trim, and I love it.

    I do not like fur vests, they do add bulk that I can do without.

    And yes, some faux ones can look ratty. I have found some nice smooth accessories that I like, though.

  6. I got the faux fur vest from the Versace for H&M collection and love it. There isn’t really a back on it (weird sounding I know) but that makes it not so overpowering and I don’t end up looking like a Yeti.

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