WTF Crush: Ben Wyatt

Yes. That’s right. I’m taking my WTF crushes to a whole new level. Today I’m loving on a fictional TV character from NBC’s Parks and Recreation (which, as I’ve mentioned before, is awesome sauce).

Now, don’t get me wrong. Adam Scott (the man behind the crush, if you will) is pretty darn loveable in his own right. He brings his boyish good looks and charm to the part and he always makes me laugh (he was in Step Brothers and also starred in Party Down, a short-lived comedy on Starz that my husband and I were kind of obsessed with). But while Adam Scott is adorable and everything, it’s Ben Wyatt, the geektastic assistant city manager of Pawnee, who has stolen my heart.

Here’s why:

He embraces his inner geek.

Don’t suppress the geek, fellas. Some of us ladies are into that sort of thing. And I am most definitely one of them.

Ben makes a lot of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references. He’d rather crunch numbers than go out drinking and he’s very serious (unlike most of his coworkers).

Still, it doesn’t matter how much everyone makes fun of him. Ben is still Ben and you have to respect that.

He’s in love with a strong, opinionated, neurotic woman.

Leslie Knope (played by the hilarious Amy Poehler) is a lot to handle. She’s strong and motivated to a fault. If she gets an idea in her head, she will see it through to the end–no matter how ridiculous it may turn out to be and no matter who tries to talk her out of it. She’s very serious and tries to do everything by the book, but she’s also a wee bit nutso.

Ben finds her quirks adorable and stands by her side no matter what. How can you not love a guy who loves his lady for who she is (however high maintenance and crazy that may be)?

He dresses like a hot college professor.

We’re not talking coffee and tobacco stains. But we are talking about a rather large collection of plaid shirts and skinny ties (or is the same skinny tie over and over again?).

His look is the male equivalent of the sexy librarian–or geek chic, as I like to call it.

He moved in with April and Andy.

April and Andy are the department’s young and clueless newly-married couple. They’re a little out there and like to do things spur of the moment (like taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon or say… getting married).

These two couldn’t be any different from Ben. But when he decided to stay in Pawnee, he moved out of the motel room he had been living in and into the newlyweds’ house, where he could sort of take them under his wing. Swoon!

He dresses up as Batman.

Enough said.



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3 responses to “WTF Crush: Ben Wyatt

  1. LOL! I loved the show Party Down! I watch it on-demand all the time. He is pretty cute.

  2. This is a PASS for me 😉

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