Sooo, my new year started out with a little bit of a kick to the gut. Remember how I was telling you a week or so ago that I’m the editor and head fashion woman at a wedding blog? Well I just found out yesterday that the blog is shutting down in two weeks, leaving me without a job.


I allowed myself a couple of hours of self pity (and a tear or two), ate a huge brownie and indulged in some horribly wonderful reality TV (have you ever seen Celebrity Wife Swap?!).

But today is a new day and I’m determined to tackle it with positivity. I just need a wee bit of help. Of course, I turned to Pinterest (click the link for sources!)…

I hope the New Year has been kinder to you than it has to me so far. And if not, I hope at least some of these inspirational words have resonated with you enough to force you out of your pity pool and toward action!

I for one am going to get to work on my 2012 to-do list!



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12 responses to “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Lauren

    Start your own! I’ll help! You’re a great writer with a fantastic eye for style and statement fashion. SERIOUSLY.

  2. Sorry to hear this. I’m sure you will find something soon.
    Best quote I can leave you with:
    Keep yer chin up kid!

  3. Janine

    Love love love you!!!! I know you’ll come out of this on top!!! You’re amazing!!!

  4. Thanks for the love, ladies! I’m hoping to be making some big decisions in the next week or so!

  5. Beautiful inspiration quotes — I wish you the best of luck & I’m sure you’ll find something even better soon!

  6. Hey Jen, I’m really sorry to hear about that – but I agree with Lauren! Start your own magazine, Peaches and I will DEFINITELY support you! We love your posts, you’d probably do a BEYOND amazing job! Love the pictures you’ve put up, they’re as inspirational as you are. 😉


  7. So sorry to hear your news. I hope a new opportunity finds you very soon. We’re always looking for contributors at Momtrends!

  8. Bummer. That totally stinks. BUT, there are so many sites to write for, like Momtrends…

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