Organize My Purse

One of the things I decided I wanted to do with this new year is bring you a week of themed posts each month. Usually the theme week will be the first week of every month, but with the holidays and the madness that last week brought, I’m a little behind. But better late than never, right?

This week’s theme is organization (ha!). I know I need help with it!

I want to start off the week talking about purses. Mine is a complete disaster. Every time my mom sees it, she gets flustered and goes off on a tangent on how I’m going to lose something and how she could never have a bag that didn’t zip closed (for the record, she’s so right. I’m constantly dropping things out of it, mostly because not only is it not closed, but it’s overfilled).

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

A small sample of the ridiculous items found in my purse:

  1. an empty tissue bag
  2. an old, disgusting looking cough drop
  3. an equally old, equally disgusting half-used roll of Tums
  4. a thank you card
  5. a cabinet lock
  6. expired coupons

There’s absolutely no reason to load myself with so much crap! Yes I’m a mom, and yes there will be random things in my purse no matter what I do, but there’s no reason for the things I actually need to be such a complete disaster!

Instead, I’m going to invest in a few products that might keep me in check…

bag :: wallet :: mesh pouches :: Card Cubby

Now I love my purse, but it might come in handy to have one available that closes completely (for days when I’m out and about with the girls and I know I’ll have more things stuffed in my purse than it can  hold). The other pieces will help me contain my stuff and hopefully will keep me organized.

How do you keep your purse under control?


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One response to “Organize My Purse

  1. Mae

    this made me laugh, I totally have some crazy things in my purse too!
    such a cute idea to use those mesh pouches and love that little coupon/card organizer!

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