Organize My Office

Way back in September (seriously, it feels like forever ago!) I wrote a post on how I need to organize my life. One of the biggest reasons I did that post was because of the state of my office (well, office may be too grand a word for the corner of my bedroom that has become my workspace since my little bean’s birth).

It was and still is a complete disaster. I don’t know about you, but messes can really get to me when I’m trying to work. I can’t concentrate completely when I’m surrounded by clutter because it distracts me (honestly, it’s a wonder I get anything done considering the state of my house on a regular basis… just ask my husband).

I think my biggest problem is letting little things go (like the mail or papers sent home from school with my daughter). Little things become big things when they pile up. My workspace is just one big mess of little things.

I wish my office looked more like these gorgeous spaces (see Pinterest for sources):

Don’t these spaces make you drool?! They’ve sent me into an online window shopping frenzy. I love office products in the first place, but now I’m on the hunt for relatively inexpensive, clever organization solutions. Here’s a little taste of what I found:

spice rack :: drawer organizer :: baskets :: 5 drawer cabinet :: birdcage
shampoo rack :: cardboard organizer :: paper sorter

These ideas have totally inspired me to tackle my mess. I might (might) even go crazy and tackle one of these DIY projects (lord knows I have a hefty collection of empty boxes left over from the holidays!).

What is your work space like? Are you messy like me or does everything have its place? And if you’re neat, please share your secrets! I need them!!!



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5 responses to “Organize My Office

  1. my whole place is a mess! we can’t seem to keep it clean for more than 1 week! i think it has to do with not taking care of it right away and it just piles up.

  2. I really like the things made out of recycled boxes. I made my own nail polish rack, I love DIY projects! x

  3. I am guilty of a messy workplace, myself. Always telling myself to clean up and organize. This helps. 🙂

  4. Love this post, those inspiration photos are making me take a second look at my own workspace. 😦

    x Minty

  5. Like you, I have a corner in my bedroom! I took a day after the holidays and cleaned up a lot of it but its not pretty! I like the idea of the shower rack. I am sure if I tried to do it it would look like a “shower rack”.

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