Organize My Bathroom

My bathroom has a limited amount of storage that I have yet to master. The result is a mess of products and beauty tools bleeding into the rest of house.

I would love to keep my beauty supplies neatly tucked away in my bathroom, where everything has a home. Instead I have drawers crammed with crap and a cabinet that explodes whenever it’s opened.

I need more organization inspiration!!!

sources: magnetic backing, terra cotta pots, shelving 1, shelving 2,
vintage tray, above the door shelving, mason jars

All of these solutions are cheap and relatively easy ways to make more space in a small bathroom. Maybe if I utilize unused spaces (like above the door and inside cabinets), I’ll be able to navigate my bathroom without the fear of my obituary reading that  I died by flying hair products.

Do you have any bathroom organization tricks?



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4 responses to “Organize My Bathroom

  1. Joanna Lea

    I love your “organization” blog directive! It is inspiring and I aim to make beauty out of chaos..but it IS hard to do! The mason jar storage is very cool! I think this might help me with my craft room bits!

    Thank You!

  2. This is all too lovely for words. It makes me want to overhaul my entire room and bathroom! 😉

    x Minty

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  4. Mae

    love, love these ideas! thanks for sharing! I’m always obsessed with organization but unfortunately never do a good job implementing

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