Organize My Kitchen

Yesterday, I told you all about my bathroom organization woes. They are nothing in  comparison to the disaster that is my kitchen.

I think our biggest issue is that we have too much stuff. We inherited a lot of things when we first moved in together. We bought a bunch of things between then and our wedding to fill in and then we got all new things at my bridal shower.

Then there’s the fact that I’m sort of a chronic hanger on-er. I don’t like to get rid of useful things when someone (say my younger brother) might need them one day. That’s not to say we haven’t given anything away. My other brother came up from North Carolina after getting married and he and my new sister-in-law shopped our unused stuff.

I really need to let go at this point though. I will never be organized unless I do. I’m going to look into giving things away on Freecycle or to shelters that might need what I’m not using.

After I weed things out, I can concentrate on the really fun stuff… like implementing some of these awesome ideas:

all via Pinterest

Great ideas, right? I know I never would have thought about storing cans in a magazine holder without a little nudge. And I love the idea of using towel racks and magnets in unexpected spaces to create more room.

What do you think? Are these organization posts inspiring you at all?



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3 responses to “Organize My Kitchen

  1. My heart did a little pitter patter after this post. I have a thing for organization…great ideas!!!

  2. I understand how you feel, I never throw things away!! It’s so hard to let go just in case I need them in the future…! the magazine rack for storage is such a cute idea! I love your organisation posts Jen, do let us see yours when you’ve finished organising yours!

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