Organize Me

If there’s anything that this week’s posts have taught me, it’s that the best way to get organized is using old things in new and creative ways:

(all via Pinterest)

But when you get right down to it, all of these organization posts I’ve been doing this week are for one reason: I need to organize my life.

Organizing specific rooms in my house will make me feel like I have more control over everything, but what I’m truly looking to do is get my life in order. I need to line up work, balance my schedule, and get into a good routine. Conquering the chaos around me will help me feel one step closer to that.

Luckily, I came across two pretty awesome checklists to get me started:

This first one is from the awesome Anna of IHOD. It’s a free printable that helps you keep your to-dos in check without putting too much pressure on yourself. Hop over to her blog to print it out (clicking the picture will take you to the correct post)!

The second is a free printable from the equally fabulous Meg at Mimi + Meg. This one is a list of all of the places you should clean for a nice, fresh start to the year. I love check lists, because it feels so good every time you can check off another task!

I hope this week of organization has been helpful to you. Shoot me a comment below to let me know what other themes you would be interested in seeing in the coming months!



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2 responses to “Organize Me

  1. it’s very timely I read about this! thanks!

  2. These are fantastic ideas Jen! Especially loving the toilet rolls to hold all the odd wires that always seem to appear out of nowhere. How creative!

    x Minty

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