An Ode to Heidi and Seal

OK, is anyone else as irrationally upset about the Heidi Klum/Seal split as I am?!

I think my sadness about it comes from a couple of places. First, I love her. She’s feisty and fun and never appears to take herself too seriously. She’s the host of one of my favorite guilty pleasures, has four (!) kids, and takes some pretty awesome fashion risks.

Then there’s the fact that they seemed to be (I guess that’s the key phrase here) the perfect couple. He adopted her daughter. They renewed their vows every year. They dressed up in crazy, elaborate Halloween costumes together. They seemed to be really, truly in love.

How could they do this to me (and yes, it is all about me right now)?

Let’s take a look at the fairy tale before the spell was broken:

sources (clockwise from top left): Mardi Gras, white trash, hair, Garden of Eden, Hindu goddess, monkeys, Transformers

Sigh. Are there any famous couples that you have an inexplicable attachment to?



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5 responses to “An Ode to Heidi and Seal

  1. Joanna Lea

    Doesn’t anyone stay together anymore? (I think that’s a song…maybe even a book). I hope she stays on with PR…that’s a divorce I don’t want to see…ever!


  2. I’m right there with ya. I feel like I need to know exactly what happened!

  3. Their divorce really did surprise me, I wonder what really went down 😦

  4. Out of all the Hollywood couples, I was definitely rooting for these two – so sad!

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