TOMS Ballet Flats

Is anyone else as excited about this launch as I am?

I can’t wait until TOMS launches their new line of ballet flats tomorrow. From the small glimpses I’ve seen, they’re going to be available in a bunch of fun colors and patterns.

In case you don’t know the TOMS story, the company was started by an American who was traveling in Argentina (his name, by the way, isn’t Tom. TOMS is an abbreviation for “shoes for tomorrow,” which will make more sense in a minute). He befriended some local kids and realized that they didn’t have any shoes. Wanting to help in some way, he started a company that would match every pair of shoes it sold with a pair for a child in need–a pair for the buyer today, and a pair for a child tomorrow.

I don’t know about you, but I love to support companies like that (and the fact that their shoes are so incredibly comfortable is a nice little bonus!).

While you wait for the flats (tomorrow seems so far away!), take a look at some of the newer designs for the classic TOMS:



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4 responses to “TOMS Ballet Flats

  1. Janine

    I’m so excited! Love toms

  2. I am a fan of TOMS but the designs they have here in the UK is very limited! I’ve been wearing my classic navy TOMS to death… and ballet pumps would be a greaat addition! Have you tried out their wedges? I was wondering if they are comfortable 😀

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