Obsession of the Week: Druzy

sources (clockwise from top left): Amy Ming, Hawaii Chic Jewelry
Divine by Deidre, Petra Collection, NYC Jewelry Design, Oh Kuol

I looooove druzy right now! It’s basically a thin layer of little crystals on top of another stone that adds a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of sparkle. I can’t get enough!

We all know I’m kind of obsessed with sparkle, but this is like a little sprinkle of fairy dust that you adorn yourself with (bonus: you don’t leave a glitter trail that people can track you down with).

I just love the raw, organic look of these! What do you think?



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7 responses to “Obsession of the Week: Druzy

  1. Very nice and had never heard of DRUZY before! Hahah, leaving a trail of glitter is bad? 🙂

  2. annie

    Oh MY – these are gorgeous! You may have just made me obsessed as well 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I thought Druzy was the name of a brand, but it’s a style/method! I learned something new 😀 I think I find the pieces gorgeous, it gives a great effect to it which can be worn by anyone!

  4. So pretty! I’m so in love with this stuff.

  5. i have a necklace just like the top right one, love it.

  6. I also share your LOVE for druzy! Thank you for including my earrings:)

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