Lace Week: Shoes!

Just about every girl loves shoes, right? They look good (and still fit!) no matter how much extra padding you have along your waistline or how horribly frizz-tacular your hair may be.

Well, when you add a little lace into the shoe equation, my heart goes all aflutter.

So pretty. So feminine. I need some!

Alice + Olivia



A. Marinelli



Paris Hilton


Not all of these are exactly my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t mind some cute lacy flats for spring.

How do you feel about lace shoes? Are they a yay or a nay?

PS This post is dedicated to Janine who loves shoes and lace and just happens to be a birthday girl today!



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3 responses to “Lace Week: Shoes!

  1. I was just looking at those lace Toms at Nordstrom – very tempted to get them!

  2. Janine

    Awwww!!!! Thanks girly! I love those lace toms! I was hoping they’d be included!

  3. I like lace, and they’re pretty in a kitten heel. I wouldn’t mind them in a ballet flat either!

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