2012 Grammy’s Fashion (and a little rant)

The magpie in me was on cloud nine last night as I watched glittery gown after glittery gown traipse down the red carpet. Take a look:

Adele in Armani

Can I first say that I love her? Her voice is absolutely amazing–and how can you not love someone who mentions her snotty nose in her acceptance speech?

The dress is fab. Sparkle sparkle sparkle, nip at the waist, boatneck. Perfection! I even loved her glittery silver shoes. I’m also a huge fan of the hair (although I think darker suits her better) and makeup. So classic and elegant. And her second dress was fabulous too. I love me some polka dots and lace!

Carrie Underwood in Gomez Garcia

I half love this gown. The sparkles are (obviously) fantastic. I love the neckline and the gorgeous open back. I just wish there was a little more skin shown in the front. Whether it be cap sleeves and a slit or a shorter hemline, I feel like something’s gotta give. I think a little embellishment at the waist would have helped too.

Katy Perry in Elie Saab

First of all, I’m totally obsessed with Elie Saab’s S/S 2012 couture collection. It’s amazing and I squealed when I saw that Katy Perry was rocking one of the gowns. The blue hair added a little edge and I’m so glad she stayed light with her accessories. That gown speaks for itself.

Then there was the straight up weird.

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier

OK. Let me be honest. If this dress wasn’t neon orange and there was maybe a little slip underneath, I would probably love it. I’m just really not feeling the Halloween. And the gold jewelry doesn’t work for me either. It looks like it should be chopped at the thigh and worn over a bikini on spring break in Miami–only I wouldn’t feel that way if it was in a different color.

Nicki Minaj in Versace

Nicki Minaj is usually out there and begging for attention, but this was weird even for her. She wore a red riding hood cape with Medusa on it and accessorized with red gloves (blech) and a Pope. I could’ve done without her, although I loved her minimal makeup:

Who knew she was so gorgeous underneath all the crap she wraps herself in? I wish she would go with makeup like this more often–and let her fashion choices follow suit.

Sasha Gradiva

What can you say about this? I don’t think anyone knew who this Russian-born recording artist was when she showed up with what can only be described as a video game vixen arm. She claims via Twitter that it was a statement on world peace, but I doubt anyone got that message. Ridiculous.

Before I wrap up, I’d also just like to add that I could have done without all of the Chris Brown being jammed down our throats. Celebrating and pushing for a comeback for someone who beat his girlfriend and has continued to show anger issues just feels dirty. I was not feeling it.

Did you watch the Grammy’s? What did you think?



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9 responses to “2012 Grammy’s Fashion (and a little rant)

  1. Janine

    Loved Carrie Underwoods dress… Except for the back. I wish it was completely open… I HATE this look that’s been cropping up recently… It looks like the back of a bra or that they left that strip of fabric in order to cover a bra… Ick

  2. thu

    wow – there are some crazy outfits this year. I LOVE Carrie’s dress though!

  3. Krystal

    LOVE Katy Perry’s dress (and performance)! She had dyed her hair blue a few weeks ago – and I was hoping she kept it the same for the Grammys.

    I thought Taylor Swift (not pictured above) looked a bit like Nicole Kidman too. Overall it was an OK Grammy event.

    Very glad they included Whitney.. but I believe they left out Etta James? I missed the beginning of that part where they did In memoriam.

    Good post Jen! 🙂

  4. Well it seems the ladies of the Grammy are either all class or all sass. I’m playing with color and denim today. You can check out my Monday Mingle post here:


  5. Whats up with that Machine gun arm? Weird! I totally feel you about Chris Brown. Like once was enough, I don’t care for him anyway!

  6. I totally agree with your picks. Nicki, UGH. Usually love her but the night has a really subdued feel and she didn’t git in.

    Re Chris Brown, apparently I’m the only person in the blogosphere who believes in second chances, especially when it involves a young guy who grew up witnessing violence in his own home and is taking steps to break the cycle.

    • I do believe in second chances, but I haven’t heard much that shows he’s attempting to break the cycle. I’ve heard about him trashing a green room when he was asked questions he didn’t like in an interview.

      I hope he does overcome his issues, but I have no interest in putting someone who beat his girlfriend on a pedestal until he somehow proves he’s a changed man.

  7. I hardly think rewarding him and his team for his music (3 years after the indecent and time he served) is putting him on a pedestal or condoning abuse but again, I recognize I’m in the minority.

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