Cutesy Measuring Cups

I keep seeing really adorable measuring cups on Pinterest. This morning I finally got to the point where I absolutely had to put together a little roundup of the cuteness:

turtle, sheep, penguin, whale, mastryoshka, milk bottle, cats, cupcakes

Don’t they make you want to put on a frilly apron and whip up a cake (or perhaps these insanely delicious looking red velvet brownies)?

They would also make for a cute gift. Pair it up with a jar of cookie mix or some fresh baked cookies and the sweetness level is unbearable!

Sidenote: I’m entering the second week of a 21-day sugar cleanse, can you tell I’m missing my sweets?!



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2 responses to “Cutesy Measuring Cups

  1. Oh my goodness, the turtle one is hilarious! Love this round up!

    What’s this sugar cleanse you’re doing? Sounds like something I should be on, haha

  2. I bought the Milk measuring cups as a gift and they are so cute in person! On the inside they are all different colors.
    Great finds.


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