Happy Weekend!

via Pinterest

I’d be thrilled to spend the entire weekend like this. Just with another little munchkin curled up in the other armpit and a husband clawing for any space he can grab onto.

Sadly, the hubs is working on Saturday so there will be no massive snuggle fest. Instead, I’ll have a dance party with the girls Saturday morning (my little bean can’t help but dance when she hears Beyonce) and I’ll probably take them to  a Dr. Seuss party in the afternoon and maybe we’ll try our hand at this cute St. Patrick’s Day craft.

Sunday will be more dancing and a big girls pre-birthday lunch.

What are you up to?



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4 responses to “Happy Weekend!

  1. SweetP

    Dinner and drinks and cards with great friends! Actually last night we acted like teenagers. We toilet papered another couple’s house because they did not come out to play! What goofs we were! I’ve never done that before in my life!

  2. Martha

    Hi, I just found you through a 225 Best Of survey (you were listed as one of the options for best local blogger).
    Just wanted to say my 4 year old son can’t stop himself when Beyonce’s Single Ladies comes on either.

  3. I just discovered your blog and I like it so much 🙂 This photo you’ve posted is really super beautiful and makes me look forward to being a wife and mom even more. It’s fun being a student though too, and soaking up life as it comes. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it

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