Love It or Hate It: Plastic Metallic Cowboy Boots

I usually love Marc Jacobs. But as I was flipping through Vogue last night, I was stopped in my tracks (and not in a good way) by these plastic metallic cowboy boots.

I have to tell ya. I’m not feeling them. I’m not so into cowboy boots in the first place, probably because I hate horses (don’t judge me!) and they automatically make me think of horses.

Add some clear plastic to the equation and you have boggled my mind, Marc Jacobs.

First of all, these are obviously not meant to be cowboy boots in the traditional sense. They’re city girl cowboy boots. And really, what’s the point in that?

Second of all they look like they’re trying to be a cowboy boot, bootie and rain boot all in one and it just isn’t coming together for me.

I want to know what you think. Maybe you can change my mind. But I think these are preeeeetty terrible.



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9 responses to “Love It or Hate It: Plastic Metallic Cowboy Boots

  1. I’m thinking these are pretty terrible, too! I am not sure what he was thinking…maybe he was combining the futuristic, metallic Spring trend with a western look?? Not appealing to me. What’s sad is there are some people who will pay hundreds for these! Yikes!

  2. Um, I’m going to have to agree with you. Plastic cowboy boots? Too, too weird!

  3. Janine

    Completely agree w/ you… Also, what’s w/ the stupid wooden heel?

  4. Ack! It’s like a cowboy boot version of a stripper heel (or vice versa?).

  5. gingerbreadcafe

    They have Kardashian or some other money does not buy style person all over them. I found in a fashion book at home a pic. of plastic Jeans can’t remember the designer, the only alteration was airholes so they didn’t steam up – you don’t say!

  6. wow would my feet sweat in this! these are petty hideous! why oh why Marc?!

  7. I’m thinking the same as you too! The heel doesn’t match the whole boot, and what’s the point of having a see-through boot?! Horrrid.

  8. Even if I hadn’t grown up seeing (and wearing) the real thing, I would totally agree with you! Horrid. I’m thinking it looks like an elf shoe + rain boot + heel carved out of a dutch clog. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a genuine cowboy boot with a wooden heel. No matter the intention for design, it looks tacky with a capital “T”.

  9. toristunes

    Reblogged this on Tori's Tunes and commented:
    These are hideous. Can you wrap your mind around these??

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