Birthday Wish List

So my birthday is coming up this weekend and I can’t talk to anyone without being asked what I want. To be honest, I’ve been so consumed by the thought that my little bean will be one next week (!!!) that I keep forgetting about my own birthday.

So, since I’ve been throwing out nothing but I don’t knooooows, I decided to put together a little roundup of things I’ve had my eye on… and that you might want too!

bathing suit / bag / rainbow cookies / crochet TOMS / cloud earrings / read sign / chambray shirt / TOMS flats / ice pop maker

Are you with me on any of these? And do you have as tough a time as I do thinking of gift ideas for yourself?



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5 responses to “Birthday Wish List

  1. Janine

    This might as well be my bday list too… Awesome picks!

  2. Great picks! I agree it is so hard to figure out what to ask for. But I’d love to have an ice pop maker too. Oh, and the bag 🙂

  3. I owned a cornflower blue retro swimsuit a few years back. It has literally become the Fabric That Got Away. No idea what happened to it 😦

  4. I am definitely on the same page with you regarding those TOM flats! They’re tooo pricey to buy, but having them as presents would make the perfect gift! Hopefully your husband has been taking notes 😉

  5. I love it. birthdays really are the best. I want one of those ice pop makers too!

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