My Week Through Instagram

Who could be grumpy in the morning with this happy little face staring back at you? My little Bean loves blueberries for breakfast–although she definitely gets just as many on her face and in her hair as in her mouth.

I went browsing for fabric with my sister this week for a special project she’s working on for the first issue of Bijou! We didn’t find what we’re looking for just yet, which just means more browsing trips (with ice cream chasers, of course).

Earlier that day we went to my nephew Jack’s Mini Olympics at his preschool. Samantha did it when she went there too and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever.

We’ve had some awesome spring-y days here and New York so we had a cousins play date at the park. It was impossible to get them to sit still long enough for a group shot, but here’s a picture of my Sams surveying the action on the jungle gym.

Here are my ladies at the St. Patrick’s Day parade this weekend. We stopped by with the in-laws because my husband was directing the show. According to Sam the parade was boring but the brownie from the coffee shop afterwards was good!

My poor little Bean came down with the nasty virus that’s going around (Sam lucked out and just got pink eye). This is what she looked like after eating her first real meal in two days.

This picture is terrible, but Samantha is very proud of the new “gallery wall” in her room. I pinned some jute string to the wall with thumb tacks and let her paint some wooden clothespins. She’s beyond excited to display her artwork here and is already talking about trying to sell some this weekend when everyone comes over for Ellie’s birthday party (pictures to come, I promise! We’ve been hard at work making decorations this week!). She wants to use the money to go to Disneyland.

What have you been up to this week?



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4 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. What a beautiful family! You are a lucky girl! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have had a fun week (minus the sickness of course!). Such a cute blueberry face – and love your gallery wall!

  3. Look at that messy face…What a cutie!

  4. This post made me go AWWWW!!! May they always bring happiness to your life Jen! And your child saving money to use in Disneyland? Now that’s a smart kid – you and your hubby taught well! 😀

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