Bath Time

I jumped into the shower when my husband got home from work the other night–and it was night because a sick little muffin wouldn’t let me detach myself from her all day–and went to wash my hair only to realize that I only had an empty bottle of conditioner to work with. Shower fail. My hair was in desperate need of detangling.

I stood under the warm water and thought for a second, realizing I couldn’t remember the last time I did something as luxurious as putting lotion on my legs after I shaved.

No wonder I’ve been feeling so cranky lately. This must change. I need:

candle, tea cup, milk honey bath, towels, tub caddy, book, robe

What do you reach for when you need a little me time?



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8 responses to “Bath Time

  1. i need a really relaxing bath… urgently!

  2. gingerbreadcafe

    All thise things make you feel so much better!

  3. Oh no! I can relate! Long hot shower is my way to unwind. I love a good book too. I have a stack to read by my nightstand:)

  4. The Mindy Kaling book is spot on for a nice long bath read. I hope you get to implement this soon!

  5. I like a warm room, pretty lampshade with a warm light next to my bed, and hot chocolate while snuggled under my fluffy duvet! I hope you’re getting your me time alright!

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