One-Piece Bathing Suits

We’ve had another week of gorgeous weather here in New York. Lots of sun and high-70 temperatures have us thinking we’ve skipped right to summer. So what do I think of when I think summer? Bathing suits!

I may have just turned 29, but I also happen to have two babies, leaving me with no desire to show my pregnancy ravaged stomach off to the masses. So instead of looking for cute bikinis, I’m on the hunt for a one piece that doesn’t look like it was made for my grandma.

top row: Anthropologie, Michael Kors / middle: Tommy Bahama, Old Navy
bottom: Marc Jacobs, Seafolly

While I love the strapless options, I need a little more support than they offer–after all, I have no interest in falling out of my suit while chasing my girls around. I’m thinking a cute retro style is my best bet.

Which is your favorite?



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6 responses to “One-Piece Bathing Suits

  1. I liked the black one with halter neck…it’s sweet n sexy… Also black would me look a little more slimmer( I think)

  2. One piece suits are really lovely – is it me or do they have a slightly vintage look to them?

  3. I’m right there with you lady! I’m totally a maillot girl now. J. Crew makes some great one pieces!

  4. The gingham one looks vintage, and one-piece bathing suits are coming back in style! 😀

  5. i love the anthropologie suit

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