My Week Through Instagram

Most of our days start out like this. Unlike her pristine big sister, Miss Elyssa could care less about getting messy. Blueberries are her absolute favorite food and no matter how big her bib is, she always ends up covered in purple. No matter what I do, you’re sure to find traces of blueberry on her later in the day. I’m not sure which part I love more, the happy dance Ellie does as soon as you open the freezer (blueberries go bad too quickly!) or Samantha’s infectious giggle as she watches her sister smash them all over her head.

The end of last week was so beautiful, so I got the girls outside as much as possible. Sam had a ball creating masterpieces in the driveway (and writing love notes for daddy to find when he got home from work!). Of course, the little bean had to get in on any action her big sister was involved in. She grabbed some chalk and tried to make a masterpiece of her own, but mostly ended up covering herself–and my pants–in little blue hand prints.

My little diva insisted on wearing her glittery red flats while riding around on her scooter and digging in the dirt (she planted some rocks in hopes of creating the world’s first rock tree). How could I deny her thirst for a little glamour?

There are buds! It honestly feels like a weight is lifted off of me when I start noticing the first buds in the spring. There’s life again! I’m so tired of looking at bare, gloomy trees. Sam and I squeal a little every time we pass a flowering tree or forsythia bushes. This was the view at one of the playgrounds we hit up last week.

This is one of the masterpieces Sam painted to give to family that came over on my little bean’s first birthday. I believe this one was called “The Heart of the Dancing Sun” or something equally lofty and dramatic. Love that little nugget.

Speaking of Ellie’s birthday, it was jam packed. My husband was out of town for work so I tried to pack the girls’ day with fun (they hate it when he’s gone). It was a little colder, but we went to Sam’s elementary school and walked the track (well, Sam ran). Then we took over the playground there. Samantha was a climbing machine while her sister…

got into trouble! She loves emptying things, so she set her sights on the bottom of her stroller which was filled with things like water bottles and crafts from a storytime we went to earlier in the week. This girl is going to be trouble. She’s got a devilish little grin that is sure to charm her out of many a sticky situation.

All in all we had a nice week. The next few promise to be hectic, but being busy isn’t a bad thing, right?




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3 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. I think she may love the blueberries just because of the mess. She looks exstatic with the purple mess all over her face :)! Loving the red glamour shoes…

  2. Aunt Pat

    Hi Jen! I just love reading your stuff and seeing your pictures. You are really having a ball with those two beautiful girls of yours. Your post today about springtime in NY really brought back memories of when we lived up there and my kids were small. I used to keep them outside as late as I could.
    Sringtime in NY is really special. Down here, spring looks pretty much the same as it did in the winter.

  3. Nothing’s cuter than a messy baby!

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