My Week Through Instagram

Samantha is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Any time we walk into a store that sells shoes (Macy’s is her favorite, if you’re wondering), she absolutely has to try on the tallest most in-your-face pair she can find. Usually they’re covered in glitter. This time she picked a pretty awesome color blocked pair from INC. She tripped over herself about five times before successfully standing in them and making me take a picture.

Here is Miss Elyssa, tearing Barnes and Noble apart while her sister was at story hour. Ellie made a little friend her age and they like to tear books off the shelves together while their big sisters are doing crafts.

My little craft queen is on spring break this week, which means I need lots of activities to keep her busy. This was her working on a project I found on Pinterest that reuses old cardboard boxes to create a little filing system. More on that next week.

It was nice out yesterday and the girls were driving each other (and me!) crazy so I called my sister and we decided to take the kids to Cold Spring for a little picnic. We parked ourselves down by the river (on the ground since I forgot the blanket), stuffed our faces and let the kids run wild. This is Ellie, the drink thief, trying to get away with our drinks.

Samantha loved staring at the river. It made her long for the beach and sand castles. The rest of us thought it was a little too chilly to stand there for too long. She could’ve stood there all day.

Luckily, it was easy to tear her away from the water with the promise of some delicious homemade ice cream from Moo Moo’s Creamery. As you can see, they don’t skimp on portions either. Her small cone had three scoops and was just about as big as her head. She didn’t even come close to finishing it, although she definitely tried.

Sam says: This is my cousin and me. He is my best friend. I love him. Mommy says: These too little boogers are like brother and sister. One minute they’re hugging and kissing. The next, they’re ready to tear each other’s heads off. This was one of the sweet minutes.  Aren’t they the cutest?!


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