My Week Through Instagram

The end of Spring Break brought boredom (and, of course, its fun friend, Crankiness). Sam decided to thumb through a copy of Disney Family Fun magazine and bookmark the things she wanted to do. Not very surprisingly, she bookmarked just about every page.

We also turned to more crafty projects to try and let Crankiness know he (it has to be a he, right?) is not welcome. This is our little toilet paper tube bunny. Sam painted it pink and purple and glued on its face and ears. This little craft took the perfect amount of time– any longer and it would still be sitting on the table waiting to be finished.

The one day Ellie actually took a nap (after a car ride and nearly a week of not napping), Sam and I had a little spa day. We both got to soak our feet in her little inflatable zebra tub and we treated each other to multicolored manicures and pedicures. The little bean woke up as my sparkle coat was drying.

On Friday we had a fun play date with her best buddies. We went to story hour, went out to lunch, and then hit the playground for some solid wear the kids out time. This is Sam “selling ice cream” with Maddie and Ben. They were selling it for free and you could have any flavor you wanted in a cup, cone or on a stick.

They also played an elaborate bridge troll game where Sam was the momma troll and Maddie, Ben, and another little girl at the playground were the baby trolls. Sam was trying to teach them how to be trolls, so she would put her babies to bed under the bridge and then sneak away and run over the bridge, pretending she was someone else. Her babies were supposed to wake up and scare away the intruder. It was absolutely hilarious.

We also went on a little shopping trip to try and find a birthday present for my sister. Sam wanted to buy her earrings with her own money, so we headed to Forever21 where I knew we could find a cute pair for cheap. This sparkly purple minidress caught Sam’s eye (see her in the bottom pointing up at it?) and she was sure I should buy it for my (pregnant) sister. She wasn’t too happy that I disagreed.

These are my multicolored toes, courtesy of Sam. Yesterday was TOMs’ One Day Without Shoes day, which is to raise awareness about the millions of children who go without shoes every day. It’s amazing the difference a simple pair of shoes can make in the lives of these children (from safety and disease prevention to the ability to attend school). Check out their site for more info!

Last but not least, this is me and my little bean sitting on our front steps waiting for Sam to get off the bus. It really doesn’t get much cuter than this.



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3 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. Can’t wait to do mommy and me mani/pedis!

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic Easter, Jen! That’s one cute little toilet paper roll bunny.

    x Minty

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