My Week Through Instagram

Anyone who follows this column regularly knows that my little bean is a messy baby. Pretty much any day of the week you’ll be able to find a blueberry stain somewhere on her body (if anyone has tips on removing them, please share! I’ve been meaning to try baking soda and water, which I saw on the Food Network, but I can’t imagine her staying still that long).

Well, her messiness isn’t just contained to her eating habits. This week she has been the Mess Queen. It makes me laugh because she looks almost exactly like her sister did when she was this age, yet their personalities couldn’t be any more different.

Samantha is the most pristine little thing. She will literally get out of bed in the middle of the night if she thinks she might have possibly touched her nose. The idea of even a trace of boogers on her fingers drives her crazy. Ellie, on the other hand, smears food in her hair during each and every meal.

First, she discovered the flour. Like her sister, she loves the feel of it. She can be a stealthy little ninja, so sometimes I’ll be doing work or the dishes or something and notice it’s awfully quiet. That usually means she’s getting into trouble.

She also loves emptying things. Here she is with a nice little bed of coupon inserts. She loves to spread them out and rub her hands and feet on the smooth paper. She also likes to shoot me a devilish little smirk while doing it.

This was yet another moment this week when it was a little too quiet. I thought she was playing with her books at the end of my bed, but she had grabbed her wipes container and started making (big) piles of wipes on either side of her. She was very proud of herself–especially when I noticed what she had done.

Aside from cleaning up after messy baby, this week was jam packed with work-related stuff. We had our first two Bijou photo shoots this week! They went really well (and were way too much fun) and we can’t wait to share more with everyone!

My Sams tried on another pair of heels during a mall trip. I always love trying to figure out which pair she’ll be drawn to. I can usually spot them from a mile away and this iridescent leopard-print platform was no exception. I love that she makes me take a picture each time. That kid is hilarious.

This is one of my favorite moments from this week. Every night the girls and I climb into Sam’s bed for bedtime stories. Lately Sam has been reading a couple of short ones and then I’ll read the girls one that’s a little longer. Sometimes Ellie crawls all over the bed trying to get into trouble. Sometimes she can’t keep her tired little eyes open any longer. On this particular night, the little bean flopped herself over both my legs and Sam’s legs and completely passed out. Samantha loved it.

We had a little play date with my nephew, Jack, yesterday after school. We took the kids to the library, where they traipsed in hand in hand. So cute. Afterwards we headed over to the playground to wear them out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Last but not least, I just had to share this one of my husband and Ellie. I had run out to the store after putting the ladies to bed. Ellie woke up at some point and I came home to her passed out on Tim’s shoulder. So precious!



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2 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. Ellie is just too cute! That last picture is so sweet!

  2. That last picture kills me!!

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