My Week Through Instagram

Samantha had a big fat 5-day weekend for Memorial Day because of the lack of snow days her school district used this year. Before her little break, I went into her class to do a craft and celebrate May birthdays.

I found this cute little bird nest craft through Pinterest and combined it with this craft that I found through a Google image search. The kids loved it (really, they just love having someone new and different in their room) and we had a lot of fun. I’m on the hunt for a summery craft for June’s celebration!

We started Sam’s break with a playdate with a couple of her best buddies. We went to story time where they listened to a Madeline book and then made Madeline hats, which they’re modeling here.

Next, we packed up our traveling circus (with five kids in tow, it’s not really possible to be anything but a circus) and went to lunch. Since it was raining (boo) we had to scrap our playground plans and go out for ice cream instead. We were all devastated, as you can imagine.

By the time we got to the ice cream place, Miss Elyssa was done for. Not a lick of ice cream made it into those fat little cheeks.

I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of shots of my girls after their bath that night. I can’t believe how big they’re getting. Samantha is going to be six (going on 20) next month!!!

We packed up and headed to Long Island to visit the in-laws this weekend. Sam had an epic play date with her friend who lives down the street. Their day included sprinklers, a movie (with apples!), coloring, and mac and cheese.

Miss Ellie Bean tried her hardest to get in on the action. Here she is working on her own little masterpiece as the big girls made theirs. She ended up with more marker on her face and hands than on her paper, but she had fun doing it!

Sam loves pushing Ellie on the swings. She’s also loving the maxi trend. How cute is this little skirt from Target? She loved picking it out with her Nana and then making a big production of trying it on in the fitting room.

She also picked out a maxi dress for me since I loved one that her Nana got her so much. I think her favorite part was being my assistant in the fitting room. She got on the floor and made sure the lining of my dress was pulled down and everything was just right. This kid is hilarious.

On her last day off we had a yummy lunch with my brother, his girlfriend and our friend Janine. Since the girls were so patient while I got a little work done afterwards, we headed to Carvel for a little pre-dinner dessert. Ellie was still hungry after sharing my scoop. Sam was thrilled to share some bits of her cone, as long as it meant she could feed her sister. Win-win-win.

How was your week?



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2 responses to “My Week Through Instagram

  1. Your kids are really cute!!! Adorable really! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. You have beautiful babies!

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